Workout Wednesday!!

Hey Heyyy!

It’s Wednesday. The beginning of the week is over.. the end of the week is still to come. What better way to re-energize you on Hump Day than by doing a workout?!

Today I’m introducing ‘Workout Wednesday!’ the day of the week that I’ll be posting a simple workout that you can perform yourself either at your gym or home. People can be very intimidated by the term, “workout.” I want to show you that it doesn’t need to be intimidating! I prefer to keep my workouts simple.. it doesn’t need to be complicated! And if you push yourself? It doesn’t even need to be time consuming.

Every Workout Wednesday will involve a 20-30 minute workout. I will provide either pictures or video to guide you on correct positioning, along with some tips to keep you engaging in the right areas while avoiding injury-causing compensations. If you have a pair of dumbbells or kettlebells, great! If not, don’t sweat it. It’s easy to improvise with things around the house, or omit the weight altogether, depending on the exercise and your fitness level (I can provide additional assistance with this, if needed).

20-Minute A.M.R.A.P.
(As Many Rounds As Possible)

10 KettleBell Thrusters
10 Step Ups (each)
10 Bent Over Rows
1 minute cardio: sprint, jog, row, jump rope, dance, etc..
just keep that heart rate up!!


KettleBell Thruster

1.              2.
A “thruster” is an explosive squat-to-shoulder-press. If you are new to this, please slow it down first, making sure you are completely up out of the squat before pressing the weight overhead. 1.When you squat, reach your hips back as if you are about to sit in a chair.. keep your weight heavier on your heels (your toes should be able to wiggle in your shoe). Push your knees out wide to avoid them caving in towards each other, and keep your chest “open,” meaning your shoulders are rolled back instead of rounding forward. 2. Squeeze your glutes, pushing through your heels to come out of the squat and immediately “thrust” the weight above your head. With arms overhead, be sure to avoid shrugging up your shoulder blades or overarching your spine (keep your head, rib cage and pelvis vertically aligned!). Return to squat and repeat.

Step Up

1.            2.
This can be done on any sturdy bench, box or step that you have available to you. If you experience pain, lower the step height. Added weight is optional!  1. With your foot on top of the step, hinge your hips back and put your weight on your heel. Make sure your spine is neutral (or “flat”) with your shoulders pulled back (no rounding forward!). 2. Squeeze your glute and push through your heel to come up to the top of the step. Don’t cheat by pushing off with your floor foot! Keep the active foot on the step throughout the whole set before switching legs. Stand up tall after every repetition, and control yourself on the way down.. no plopping! I tell clients to pretend the floor is covered with marbles.. you have to be cautious when you step down. And if you can keep your floor foot off of the step the whole time, that’s a balance training bonus 😉

Bent Over Rows

1.       2. 
This position can really be straining on the low back. Make sure you pull your abdominals up and in towards your spine. You should feel this more in your low abs than your low back.. listen to your body and lower the weight if you need to!  1. Standing up straight to start, pull back your shoulders and hinge your hips back. In this position, gravity (along with the weight you’re holding) causes your upper back and shoulders to round forward. Fight this by squeezing your shoulder blades together, and keep your chest “open.” Your hands should be lightly skimming your thighs. 2. Exhale as you pull your arms back into a row, stabilizing your spine with your abdominals as you do so. All too often I see people “drop” their belly when they row.. this puts the load right into the low back. Think about pulling your naval up towards your spine when you exhale. And keep your elbows tucked into your sides.. flaring them out can be unsafe for your shoulders. Inhale to straighten your arms back down to starting position.

And don’t forget the cardio! If you follow this structure, keeping your rest periods to a minimum, then 20 minutes should be all the time you need. See? Simple! If you want to add more, then by all means, give yourself a longer sweat sesh. Need to do less? Hey, a little is SO much better than nothing!

Don’t ever forget my #1 rule: Listen To Your Body.. no pain or strain!!! There are always ways to modify exercises to make them work for your body without causing harm. And I’m here if you need more help with this.. Skype services will be available soon!


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