Workout Wednesday!

Happy Wednesday!!
Time for another workout from yours truly.

5 Rounds Of:

8 Reverse Lunge to Shoulder Press (each leg)
8 Pull Planks (
each arm)
8 Sumo Squats
8 Push Ups
8 Rows (
TRX or Bent Over)

Reverse Lunge & Shoulder Press
*If overhead pressing is unsafe for your shoulders, then omit the press and do just the weighted lunges.
*If you have knee or low back pain.. or just pain in general with lunges, then don’t use added weight and work on dialing down your form first. Only add weight if your body feels pain-free with the movement.

Watch my demo here

Tips on proper form:
** Hips stay square throughout the exercise, and torso is vertical while in the lunge. Keep a bend in the back leg, abdominals pulled up and in, and squeeze the glute of the back leg to maintain a neutral pelvic position (“sit bones” pointed straight down below you.. not behind you!).
** When coming out of the lunge, push through your front heel and squeeze your glutes! Too much weight forward on your foot can unnecessarily stress your knee.
** If you include the shoulder press, maintain a braced core to keep from over-arching your back to get the weight overhead. Also keep your shoulder blades from shrugging during the press.. neck should not feel strained!

Pull Plank
* Can be done with anything you can comfortably pull from side to side while holding a plank.
* If planking on your toes isn’t happening, you can modify while being on your knees (watch the push up demo to see this modification).

Watch my demo here

Tips on proper form:
** Keep your plank as stable as possible, without ANY pain or strain in the low back. Pull the abdominals up and in towards spine, and keep your glutes squeezed.
** Keep reaching your shoulder blades down towards your hips. No shrugging! Think maintaining a “long neck.”
** Hips stay square. A little shifting from side-to-side is okay, but avoid twisting your hips/low back through this exercise.

Sumo Squat
* Go a little on the heavy side, if you can without any pain/strain.. and only if you don’t have any lumbar (low back) issues.

Watch my demo here

Tips on proper form:
** Torso stays vertical. Don’t tilt your pelvis forward, which will stress your lumbar spine. Imagine doing this exercise up against a wall, and you are only sliding straight down that wall (keep “sit bones” pointing straight down below you, not behind you). If you were wearing a belt, think about pulling that belt buckle up and in towards your naval (this is one of the ways I like to cue Transverse Abdominis engagement.. a very important, deep core muscle, the absence of which is one common cause of a lot of injuries!).
** Keep your knees pointing in the same direction as your toes. Biasing your weight on the outer edges of your feet will help maintain this alignment.. but that doesn’t mean it’s okay to lift the inner edges of your feet. Keep the whole foot planted, just don’t put a lot of weight along the inner foot, collapsing your arches.
** Make sure to squeeze your glutes on the way up out of each sumo squat!

Push Up
* If you’re a beginner with push ups, start on your knees and work on getting your torso low to the ground. You’ll eventually build the strength to do these on your toes. I’d rather you modify the movement to get the full upper body range of motion, than to be on your toes and barely be able to lower yourself. Pad your knees if needed.

Watch my demo here

Tips on proper form:
** Keep your upper and lower body connected through your core. I usually see push ups done with either the upper body or lower body leading. There is no leader. You whole body stays as one unit, because you are keeping your abs braced (it’s a moving plank, which is why I firmly believe the push up is one of the best core exercises you can do). Exhale as you push up, and imagine your belly button coming up first. I usually see it come up last.. that means you’re lacking proper core engagement and stressing your back. Don’t do that.
** Keep stable shoulders. With hands on the floor, pointing forward, spiral your upper arms in so elbows stay close to your sides.. and maintain that arm position throughout the whole exercise. Flaring your elbows out can be unsafe for your shoulders. Maintain a “long neck” by avoiding any shoulder blade shrugging. If your neck gets tight during/after push ups, really focus on this piece!

*If you have a suspension trainer (TRX or some other brand). If not, then refer back to my previous workout post and perform the Bent Over Row instead.

Watch my TRX demo here

Tips on proper form:
** Like the push up, this is also a moving plank. Keep your core braced and glutes squeezed so your whole body moves as one unit.
**Pull your shoulder blades down and squeeze them together (in that order) BEFORE you pull your arms in, ensuring shoulder stability throughout the exercise (again.. keep a long neck!). With rowing, we really focus on working your shoulder blades and upper/mid back. The arm work is just a bonus. If you only feel it in your arms, focus on this piece.
**With suspension trainers, it’s easy to adjust your intensity as needed. The more horizontal you are, the harder it is, since you are responsible for pulling more of your body weight against gravity. If it’s getting too hard, take a few steps back to get your body more vertical.

Got any questions? Let me know! I’m happy to help 🙂

Now Get Moving!

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